Health & Wellbeing

It isn’t always easy to make the healthy choices, so let us see if we can help.

Other Organisations

There are a range of organisations who can offer further support, some of which are listed below:

Better Health – an NHS site filled with free information about leading healthier, happier lives.

Health visiting (HCRG Care Group) – information regarding the health visiting service in Wiltshire and ways to access these through the Single Point of Access.

Wiltshire Healthy – run by Healthy Schools Wiltshire, this is a free, fun and interactive programme for children aged 5-18 who are above the healthy weight for their age, and their families.  The programme is open to all Wiltshire based residents.

Foodbanks in Wiltshire

If you are struggling during these difficult times, please don’t struggle alone. We can help you access the many foodbanks in Wiltshire, please contact us.
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