Family Support

If you’re looking for a full parenting course or just a few new strategies, hopefully we can help.

Being a Parent

The Being a Parent programme is an exciting course run by parents for parents. It begins with a coffee morning where you will get to meet everyone, and is followed by another eight sessions looking at:

  • The relationships between you and your children
  • Understanding and managing both of your feelings and emotions
  • Learning to really ‘listen’ and talk with your child
  • Encouraging positive behaviour and looking at discipline
  • Reducing stress levels at home.

Sessions are really interactive, with lots of discussion, role play, demonstrations and sharing of experience. You will have opportunities to think about what your life was like as a child, and about how your past experiences might be affecting the way that you are a parent today.

By the end of the course you will have learned lots of practical communication skills for everyday life to bring up confident, happy and co-operative children.

If you’re wondering if this is for you, below are just some of the comments from parents who have attended past courses.

What you said:

“The parenting course for me has been a real eye-opener to my parenting and where I can change things for me and my children to make family life better and less stressful.  It has given me new options and ideas of how to deal with challenging and negative behaviour.” 

Family & Community Learning

Wiltshire Council’s Family and Community Learning service includes a range of online, community based and outreach learning opportunities designed to help people of different ages and backgrounds. Courses can support you to gain a new skill, reconnect with learning, prepare to progress to formal courses and learning how to support your children better.

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