Domestic Abuse

Helping you and your children heal.

Domestic Abuse

If you are currently experiencing domestic abuse please contact FearLess Wiltshire who deliver services on behalf of Wiltshire Council to adults and young people.

Telephone helpdesk: 01225 775 276 (weekdays)
Out of hours: 01225 712 880
Website: FearLess
In an emergency, call 999.

Other sources of support can be found at:

Wiltshire Council website

Victim Support Wiltshire website

Respect – Men’s advice line self help portal


What we can offer

Although we mainly work with families who have a child aged 0 to 5, we do sometimes have places on these programmes that can be offered to families with older children.  If you are the parent of a child aged 6 to 11 and you are interested in seeing if we have places, please contact us here.  Below is some information about the programmes we offer.

If you have been in a domestic abuse relationship in the past, or even if you’ve been in a relationship you think might have been, we can help you look at how this will have affected you and your children and work alongside you to ensure that you are safe and happy in future relationships.

The Freedom Programme – This is a ten week course for mums who have (or think they may have) experienced domestic abuse.  The course aims to help empower you, build your confidence and learn about how to recognise the signs of abuse.  In understanding what has happened and how, you will be able to make the best decisions for you and your children moving forwards and for healing yourself from past trauma.

You and Me, Mum – This is a ten week course for mums which will help you understand how domestic violence will have affected both yourself and your children. You will increase your understanding of how your role as mum can answer the needs of your children by focusing upon self empowerment and mutual aid.  While we don’t work directly with your children, the course recognises your central role in protecting your children and helping them develop.

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