Health & Breastfeeding

Supporting the health of the whole family.

What’s on offer?

There are lots of ways in which the children’s centres can help you and your children stay healthy, from information and health awareness one off sessions, all the way through to cooking courses and first aid.

Health visitor clinics

Although these universal groups are not currently running owing to the Covid-19 lockdown, these drop-in groups are normally accessible in all of our children’s centres on a variety of days and times.

If you have any concerns and you would like to speak to a health visitor, you can contact them via:

Breastfeeding support – Mum2mum

Are you pregnant and thinking about breastfeeding, or are you already breastfeeding and looking for some advice and support?  Why not join us online for a friendly chat, where you can connect with experienced mums, who are trained to provide support.  We have small group sessions running several times a week offering the chance to chat through your breastfeeding questions or experiences.

If you would rather speak to one of our experienced peer supporters one to one, then please give us a call and we can arrange for a call back.

Other sources of help include:

Breast pump hire

There are many reasons you might be considering the use of a breast pump, but we know that these can be expensive and you may not be sure if it is right for you. Each of our children’s centres has a small stock of machines that we are able to lend out for an agreed period, so please do contact us.

The cost of the hire is normally a one off £10.00 fee as some of the parts need to be replaced each time we lend the machine out, but please don’t let this put you off requesting a loan as we are more than happy to take individual circumstances into account.

Baby Massage

A programme aimed at young parents and/or those families with identified need. For parents and their non-moving babies to encourage bonding and communication through soothing touch.

Healthy Start vitamins

All pregnant women, women with a baby under one year old and children aged up to their fourth birthday are entitled to claim their free Healthy Start vitamins.

Healthy Start vitamins contain vitamins A, C and D for children aged from birth to four years, and folic acid and vitamins C and D for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Two types of Healthy Start products are available:

  • Healthy Start children’s vitamin drops (containing vitamins A, C and D)
  • Healthy Start vitamins for women (containing folic acid and vitamins C and D).

Find out more at NHS Healthy Start vitamins, or contact your nearest children’s centre.

Cooking and healthy eating

We are currently running our cooking sessions with Anybody Can Cook online. If you are interested in signing up to a group then please get in touch. You will find out about easy, cheap and nutritious recipes, engage in fun food activities and get lots of ideas to get children involved with preparing their own food.

First aid

We are hoping to start face to face sessions very soon, so please keep checking back.

Injury prevention monthly themes

Injury prevention is an important part of all of our groups, and each month we have separate themes.  If you join one of our Little Learners groups you will always receive the latest information and handy bits of advice, or go to our What’s Happening page and take a look at all of our newsletters. You’ll find a whole load of information and advice.

Foodbanks in Wiltshire

If you are struggling during these difficult times, please don’t struggle alone. We can help you access the many foodbanks in Wiltshire, please contact us.