1 to 1 Family Support

We believe that the best time to get help is really early. Just think how much easier it is to pull up a tiny weed than it is to wait until it’s grown into a tree. We’re here for every family who thinks they might need some extra help with getting things back on track.

Family Support

Although we run lots of courses for parents, you might feel that you would like one of our family support workers to work alongside you with a particular issue which might be making family life a little bit difficult.

This could include:

  • worries around a child’s behaviour
  • being isolated in a rural community and not knowing what to do about it
  • feeling overwhelmed as a new parent
  • trying to cope with the stresses of day to day life and communicating better with your partner (or ex partner)
  • financial, housing or employment worries

What you said:

“As a parent it is so reassuring to know support is available from the children’s centre in groups, but also from a 1-1 point of contact in particular with the restrictions from Covid. The information I receive during outreach support around age and stage development and play and stimulation has given me the confidence and reassurance of knowing how my children should be developing.”

What would happen?

First things first you’d meet your family support worker.  Normally this would be at your home, and arranged at a time to suit you. Through talking together, you’d both get a clear picture of what you were trying to achieve and how this might look.

Through regular get-togethers, some face to face and some ‘virtual’, you’ll then work together to get your family to where you want it to be.

What you said:

“My outreach worker has opened up a world of support which I did not know about. I am now calmer with my child and able to use parenting strategies better, my child behaviour has really improved. My outreach worker has always listened to me which has been a great support.”

Who is it for?

It’s for everyone who has a child aged five or younger.  Sometimes we meet families through other professionals like health visitors, midwives and pre-schools, but mostly families just come to us themselves.  If you’d like to find out more, or if you’d like to ask for help then please just get in touch with us.


Are you a professional working with a family who might benefit from some extra support? Please click the ‘Introduce a family’ button for more information, including how to introduce us to them.