Activity Packs (6-11 Years)

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Copy of Summer- 2023Summer 2023Recommended Read: Watch Me Bloom/ The Big Amazing Poetry Book
Healthy families recipe: Choc- Cherry Popcorn Cakes
Activity idea: Reading Challenge
Additional Ideas: Physical activity links
July2023DownloadFood, Arts & Crafts, Reading, Feelings and emotions
Spring No. 2 - 2023Spring 2 2023Recommended Read: A Song of Gladness/ Are We There Yet?
Healthy families recipe: Vegetable Omelette
Activity idea: Calming down activity
Additional Ideas: Ideas for looking after your well-being
May2023DownloadFood, Arts & Crafts, Reading, Feelings and emotions
May 2023Spring 2023Recommended Read: Granny Came Here on the Empire Windrush/ Unspoken
Healthy families recipe: Turkey Kofta
Activity idea: Spinning Wheel
Additional Ideas: Museum Links
April2023DownloadOutdoors, Food, Arts & Crafts, Reading
October 2022AutumnRecommended Read: A Pocketful of Stars / I Can Catch a Monster
Healthy families recipe: Harvest Vegetable Soup
Activity idea: Hedgehog Bookmark
Let's get physical: Scarlet Witch's Energy Blast
October2022DownloadOutdoors, Reading, Food, Arts & Crafts
December 2022DecemberRecommended Read: The Chronicles of Narnia / The Christmasaurus
Healthy families recipe: Pasta Ratatouille
Activity idea: Make your own snow globe
Find out more: Reindeer
October2022DownloadOutdoors, Reading, Food, Arts & Crafts
September 2022AutumnThe New Girl / A Flash of Fireflies
Healthy families recipe: couscous with chicken and peas
Activity idea: Painted leaf collage
Let's get physical: Izzy's super space race!
September2022DownloadOutdoors, Reading, Food, Arts & Crafts
August 2022RecyclingThe Eco Warriors Booklist
Healthy families recipe: cheats Pizza Calzone
Activity idea: Water Bottle Bowling
Let's get physical: Obstacle course with a difference
August2022DownloadOutdoors, Reading, Food, Arts & Crafts
1For the budding HistoriansBookTrust recommendations: Take a look at these historical fiction and no fiction books
Healthy families recipe: Corn Frizzlers
Activity idea: Make a pinhole camera
Let's get physical: Train tough like Luisa
July2022DownloadOutdoors, Reading, Food, Arts & Crafts
1Love to be beside the Sea!Book Trust recommends: An Otter called Pebble / Professor Astro Cat's Deep Sea Voyage
Healthy families recipe: Fabulous Fish Pie
Activity idea: Ocean in a Bottle
Let's get physical: Thor's Hammer Throw
June2022DownloadOutdoors, Reading, Food
1Nature trails and den making!Book Trust recommends: The Comet / Wild Child
Healthy families recipe: Turkey Burger
Activity idea: Make a Den
Let's get physical: Simba's Jungle skills
May2022DownloadOutdoors, Reading, Food
1All you wanted to know about Hooded Vultures!Book Trust recommends: Grandpa Frank's Great Big Bucket List / We love Michael Morpurgo
Healthy families recipe: Panjabi Dhal
Activity idea: Feed the Birds
Let's get physical: Judy's Hopathon
April2022DownloadOutdoors, Reading, Food
Mar pg1Leaping to successBook Trust recommends: Jack and the Baked Beanstalk / James and the Giant Peach
Healthy families recipe: Zombie Peppers
Activity idea: Grow your own
Let's get physical: Leap to the finish line with Pumbaa
March2022DownloadOutdoors, Reading, Food
Feb pg1Can your spidey senses help you in the game?Book Trust recommends: Jumanji / How to train your dragon
Healthy families recipe: Tomato pancakes
Activity idea: Fun with food
Let's get physical: Swing like Spiderman
February2022DownloadOutdoors, Reading, Food
Jan pg1Can you leap to infinity to catch a ball?BookTrust recommends: Frankenstiltskin / Anisha, accidental detective
Healthy families recipe: Breakfast burrito
Activity idea: Egg box mouse
Let's get physical: Buzz Lightyear game
January2022DownloadOutdoors, Reading, Food